Political Communication

Study with cutting-edge scholars and award-winning journalists whose expertise defines this exciting field. Learn how information and media influence the actions and political fortunes of citizens, groups, movements and governments. Part of Columbian College of Arts and Sciences’ School of Media and Public Affairs, political communication is a selective program where students hone their research and communication skills while benefiting from the school’s extraordinary range of extracurricular opportunities.

Related Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

Related majors include political science, American studies and international affairs. The School of Media and Public Affairs also offers a major and minor in journalism and mass communication.

What can I expect to learn in the Political Communication program at GW?

Political communication comes alive at GW. You will study with leading scholars in political communication, global media, strategic communication and public diplomacy. Accomplished professionals—diplomats, speechwriters and political strategists—bring real-world insight to the classroom.

What is the Political Communication community like at GW?

Our students and faculty are inquisitive and engaged. They have front-row seats for the daily drama of Washington politics;  many even play roles themselves. Professors don’t merely advise, they mentor.

What can I do in the Political Communication field?

Join our alumni working in government, political consulting, advocacy, campaign management, corporate public affairs, public relations, new media, journalism and public diplomacy. Or pursue advanced study in the field.