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Police and Security Studies

The Police and Security Studies program was launched in 2004 as part of GW’s College of Professional Studies. Law enforcement experts teach our courses. The program is fully online.

What can I expect to learn in the Police and Security Studies program at GW?

A police and security studies degree from GW will enhance your competitiveness in the marketplace. It will provide the skills and education you need to advance your career and to succeed within a profession that has expanded to include homeland security and first-response duties.

What is the Police and Security Studies community like at GW?

You will learn fundamental standards that support focused law enforcement. These include best practices for sustaining success, leadership principles required to effectively manage government resources, strategies for partnering with other organizations to address the underlying causes of crime and proven techniques for building safe, healthy neighborhoods.

What can I do in the Police and Security Studies field?

The police and security studies community is made up of active police professionals from Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland.



  • Be Empowered
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    Be Empowered

    Students learn the fundamental standards, strategic procedures, and leadership principles for police professionals.

  • Maximize Your Education
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    Maximize Your Education

    The multidisciplinary curriculum is drawn from six schools at The George Washington University.

  • Designed for Working Professionals
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    Designed for Working Professionals

    The Police and Security Program’s content, scheduling, and services are tailored to meet your needs as a full-time law enforcement professional.

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Advance Your Career

The Police and Security Studies program has been developed by GW's College of Professional Studies in consultation with metropolitan area law enforcement and police experts.

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