Judaic Studies

The Program in Judaic Studies educates students in the history, languages and cultures of the Jewish people from ancient times through our own.  Its interdisciplinary courses, which range from biblical archeology to American Jewish literature and from moral philosophy to material culture, highlight the complexities of the Jewish experience.

Related Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

Students in Judaic Studies explore Archeology, the Arts, Classical and Semitic Languages, History, International Affairs, Political Science, and Religion.


What can I expect to learn in the Judaic Studies program at GW?

Students will come away from their courses with a well-honed set of critical and analytical skills as well as with the ability to make imaginative connections across time, space and cultural experience.

What is the Judaic Studies community like at GW?

A warm and nurturing community, the Program in Judaic Studies provides students with the opportunity to forge close and abiding ties with their professors and with one another.

What can I do in the Judaic Studies field?

Like other disciplines in the humanities, the Program in Judaic Studies trains its students to pursue a wide array of careers.  Graduates of the program have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, lobbyists, civil servants, educators, performers, artists, editors and writers.