Interior Architecture

GW’s interior architecture program offers a comprehensive study of the visual arts as well as in-depth instruction on design theory and technical and problem-solving skills. Students study all types of habitable environments, ranging from small, basic residential spaces to larger, more complex commercial and institutional ones.

What can I expect to learn in the Interior Architecture program at GW?

A variety of skills within the field, including lighting design, computer-aided drafting and interior materials. Students benefit from the Washington, D.C., location, which provides access to exhibits,  trade shows and lectures, as well as the program's connections for internships and practicum opportunities.

What is the Interior Architecture community like at GW?

Located on the Mount Vernon Campus, this program fosters a close community of students and faculty. The program offers opportunities to work with professional interior designers and architects, and students have access to area museums, galleries, libraries, professional design societies and private and public arts organizations.

What can I do in the Interior Architecture field?

Students go to work in architecture and interior design firms of all sizes, sometimes specializing in lighting, sustainability, or interior materials.