Interaction Design

The Interaction Design program at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design offers students hands-on training that emphasizes the quality of interactions between people, the designed world, and the natural world. Our students learn strategies to address complex challenges and apply their skills in the development of a wide variety of objects, environments, and processes. We believe in a human-centered collaborative approach that enables our students to create meaningful solutions that will impact everything from smart digital devices to healthcare services. We are looking for students who are critical, analytical thinkers who want to make a difference and push boundaries in design.

What can I expect to learn in the Interaction Design program at GW?

Our program focuses on the intersection of innovation and community engagement across the everyday behaviors of digital and physical environments, services, products, and systems. Students establish solid foundations in applying service design, prototyping, narrative interaction, and other theoretical concepts to interactive experiences, services, and tools in order to elevate them to leaders in their field. The program emphasizes both individual and collaborative skills for approaching problem solving and design solutions. Students will also learn to apply quantitative and qualitative user research and other historical, political, and theoretical research to their design development. By the end of the program, students will feel confident in their ability to professionally defend their design concepts in addressing the needs of clients and users.

What is the Interaction Design community like at GW?

Students learn current design industry practices and engage in a dialogue about the role of design in contemporary society, culture, and business, culminating in a two-semester thesis project in their senior year.

What is the Interaction Design learning community like at GW?

Intimate classroom settings and detailed, critical feedback provide interaction design students with the conceptual, technological, and communication tools to excel as working professionals in the fast-paced and competitive interaction design industry. 

What can I do in the Interaction Design field?

Major companies looking for artists and designers with Interaction Design backgrounds include Apple, Google, McKinsey & Company, Microsoft, NBC, 3M, Disney, and financial institutions, just to name a few. Design agencies and nonprofit organizations seek designers with Interaction Design experience to innovate around equitable design.