Health Science Lab Technology (Military Only)

Entry-level military personnel are eligible to earn an Associate of Science (A.S.) degree after successfully completing the 60-hour health science laboratory certificate program through our contract with the U.S. Army or Navy.

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Before pursuing the Associate of Science degree, students can earn a certificate in Health Science Lab Technology.

What can I expect to learn in the Health Science Lab Technology (Military Only) program at GW?

Students learn the sciences they’ll need to assist clinicians who use laboratory studies on blood and other body fluids in diagnosing disease.

What is the Health Science Lab Technology (Military Only) community like at GW?

Students are highly motivated members of the U.S. Navy or Army with experience in clinical laboratory science. They study together in a high-tech, hands-on learning environment. They are taught by military instructors who are GW faculty.

What can I do in the Health Science Lab Technology (Military Only) field?

By analyzing human blood and fluids, health science laboratory technicians play an important role in health care.  This may involve identifying when someone has leukemia or carries an infectious agent. Technicians also determine if blood is compatible for transfusion.


  • Specialized Military Trainingmale and female in military uniforms smiling

    Specialized Military Training

    The program is specifically designed for and tailored to military personnel.

  • Career Traininghealth science lab equipment

    Career Training

    Through basic science coursework and hands-on experiences, students are prepared to become health science laboratory technicians.