Exercise Science

GW’s program offers outstanding educational and professional opportunities. We prepare undergraduates to become skilled in the basic exercise and/or nutritional sciences in order for them to practice these skills in a laboratory-, clinic-, school-, or community-based environment.

Related Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

We offer a rigorous concentration that prepares students for future studies in medicine, nursing, physical therapy and the related health sciences. We also offer a concentration in general exercise science to provide students the opportunity to incorporate other interest areas into their major. Students can also select a minor such as public health that prepares students to practice in the school or community setting.


What can I expect to learn in the Exercise Science program at GW?

Our core courses in Exercise Science are challenging and engaging. You will study anatomy & physiology, basic exercise physiology, nutrition, and foundations of exercise psychology and behavior change. For those pursuing advanced degrees in medicine, additional science requirements will be include in your program.

What is the Exercise Science community like at GW?

We are a cohesive group of like-minded individuals! Our core classes are all in one main building and we enjoy a large faculty to student ratio with hands-on attention. Exercise science undergraduate students have their own professional club and can also join with undergraduates in public health in their professional organizations.

What can I do in the Exercise Science field?

Since promotion of physical activity and an active lifestyle has become a public health priority over the last several years, your options are limitless. Our undergraduate program prepares you to work as part of a research team or as a school- or community-based practitioner in wellness and health promotion programs. Many of our graduates go on to pursue advanced degrees in areas such as physiology, epidemiology, medicine, physical therapy, or nursing, but also law, veterinary, dental and sports medicine.