Cytotechnology (Military Only)

GW contracts with the Army Medical Department Center and School to provide educational services for the Interservice Cytotechnology Program. The program educates military personnel on the science of human cells.

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GW also offers military contract programs in Health Science Lab Technology and Clinical Health Sciences.

What can I expect to learn in the Cytotechnology (Military Only) program at GW?

Cytotechnology students study the body’s cells and learn to identify which are normal and abnormal. Besides identifying cells, they learn about the conditions that occur when something happens in the body to cause a pathological change in cells.

What is the Cytotechnology (Military Only) community like at GW?

GW's Cytotechnology students are a group of highly motivated individuals in the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force who have extensive experience in clinical laboratory science. You will work together in a stimulating, hands-on environment.

What can I do in the Cytotechnology (Military Only) field?

Graduates can become certified cytotechnologists—integral members in of the health care team.  Cytotechnologists study microscopic slides of cells from a patient for signs of disease, such as cancer, and work closely with cytopathologists in diagnosing patient conditions.