Clinical Research Administration

This field continues to evolve. New discoveries and practices open career opportunities in the development of products—including drugs, devices, biologics and vaccines—and treatments to improve patient health.

Related Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

An additional option is the program that offers qualified individuals a seamless and accelerated pathway for completing the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and the Master of Science in Health Sciences with concentrations in Clinical Research Administration.

What can I expect to learn in the Clinical Research Administration program at GW?

The curriculum sets a foundation for professionals to enter the field. It also allows experienced individuals to advance along their career paths. Coursework focuses on the scientific research methods, the regulatory guidelines and the operational aspects of clinical research.

What is the Clinical Research Administration community like at GW?

Our students come from a variety of health care professions and backgrounds. This diversity provides a rich learning environment. Students share real-world experiences in a rigorous academic setting.

What can I do in the Clinical Research Administration field?

The health care industry is rapidly growing, and students have many career opportunities. Graduates from this program often hold key operational posts at pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, study sites and government agencies.


  • Integrative Coursesstudent writing on glass

    Integrative Courses

    This program is designed for non-degreed professionals working in the field as well as individuals seeking to enter the field.


  • Convenient Distance Educationhands on laptop on table

    Convenient Distance Education

    The distance education format provides an option for self-directed learners with careers that require an alternative to the traditional classroom setting.