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Juris Doctor (J.D.)
Location(s): Foggy Bottom - Main Campus

Program Overview

The Law School’s curriculum and diverse academic opportunities are designed to give J.D. students the skills they need to perform at their best in any setting—be it a large or small firm, a public interest organization, a government agency, in academia or within the judiciary. It also prepares students for a range of roles within those entities, including as counselor, litigator, mediator, negotiator, legislator or lobbyist.

After the completion of the required curriculum, J.D. students may choose from more than 250 elective courses in their remaining years of study. To broaden students’ experience beyond the traditional classroom setting, the Law School offers clinical courses, simulation courses and outside placement options in which students have the opportunity to learn lawyering and other advocacy skills in several contexts.

J.D. program applicants may seek to attend either the Full-Time Day Division or the Part-Time Evening Division. Both divisions have the same academic standards, and all required and core courses are taught by the full-time faculty. A full-time student normally will take six semesters of study, or three academic years, to complete the degree. A part-time student normally will take eight semesters, or four academic years, and one summer session to finish the program.


Admission Requirements

Typically, GW Law receives 10,000 applications for 500 spots in the J.D. entering class, making it one of the most exclusive law schools in the country. For more information, including admissions requirements and assistance, visit